Meet Dulcie

Volunteer since 2014

" I love meeting new people and learning from them. Volunteering has given me structure during retirement and allowed me to continue using my skills for something worthwhile."

Dulcie, volunteer since 2014

Tell us about how you came to be a ReConnect Volunteer?

In 2014, I retired and moved to Cheltenham. I had worked in the health service and was looking for opportunities that would help me meet new people and make connections in my community.

Initially, I helped with admin tasks and later I became a befriender, supporting people who were struggling with their confidence to attend groups which would provide them with the long-term support they needed. I also supported a wonderful woman with dementia to run her own group, I helped by making the tea & coffee and telephoned everyone beforehand to remind them to attend.

What are you hopeful for in the future?

Recently, I’ve become a digital champion. I’m excited about the potential of digital adaptions to support people struggling with things like dementia, I think technology will help more people live independent and fulfilling lives.

“Reconnect is special because it focuses on peer support. It helps people find others like them, they are not alone.”

Picture of Amy - Reconnect Gloucestershire engagement officer


Feeling inspired?

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